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Corporate Formation


An Advanced Incorporation System

By completing and submitting our online worksheet, we provide you with all you need to organize your corporation (including a complete corporate outfit).

We Prepare and file the Certificate of Incorporation within 24-48 Hours with the Secretary of State. (Contingent upon approval by the Department of State).

We send you an original copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the filing receipt issued by the Department of State, along with Waiver of Notice of Organization Meeting and the Minutes of the Organization Meeting (Incorporator's release of Corporation to Directors).

We notify your office with date of incorporation, by phone, fax or email (your preference)

Your Corporate Outfit is then immediately prepared and shipped directly to the address requested via United Parcel Service. (Shipping via courier or delivered by messenger, for an additional fee. Contact Servico's Corporation Department for details).

In addition to our FAST-CORP® service, we prepare and/or file any and all types of corporate documents for business AND not-for-profit corporations.

If you are ready to place an order using our FAST-CORP® service, please complete and submit our user-friendly worksheet. Prices are as follows:

FAST-CORP® Service - $283.50

*Fee is for incorporating corporations whose initial tax on the authorized capitalization does not exceed $10.00. Oversized corporate seals, specially printed stock certificates and sub chapter s minutes are not included in this price. Add local sales tax based on $65.00 Corporate Outfit and $8.50 shipping charge, New York State Residents only. (All additional disbursements will be charged to your credit card, if incurred.)

Order securely online and pay by credit card, or print out completed worksheet and fax the order to our Corporate Department at: 518- 463-3752. We are always happy to speak with you on our Toll Free Number 800-828-4428 (NYS residents only). If not paying by credit card, send Certified or Attorney Check with the applicable fee to:

P.O. Box 871,
Albany, NY 12201 or

283 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12206

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